Science Center

Birthday Party Packages

Independence Science & Technology Center, Inc.
125 South Penn. Ave
Independence, Kansas 67301-3525

All packages include party room for 1 ½ hours, for up to 10 guest. Science Center Tour, 1 ride on AGS ride per guest, and a Science Center pass for each child to return one time. An additional $20.00 will be charged for parties outside of the Science Centers hours.

• $40.00 – Basic - $3.00 for each additional guest.
• $50.00 - add choice of two experiments. Science journal with additional experiments.
• $100.00 – Mad Scientist – All of the above plus lab coat, googles, pencil, and clip board.
• $5.00 for each additional guest.

I give ISTC permission to post pictures on Facebook page and web site ________________________________.
No Alcoholic Beverages
No Smoking
Decorations must be approved in advance by ISTC staff.
Renter is responsible for damages to facilities.
Payment must be paid prior to the party.
Responsible party will stay until all guest are picked-up.

Signature of Responsible Party:                         ________________________________________

Date____________ Paid: _____________

Amount: ____________Check Number: _____________

Receipt Number: ____________

Time In: ___________Time Out: ______________________

Birthday Party Registration